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Presidential Air ~ News

A Proposal at 3000 ft!

The Happy Couple

The days leading up to September 10th, 2011 were an exciting few for Presidential Air. We received a special booking for a charter from Barrie to Toronto. A short flight, but one that would not be forgotten by the eight passengers nor the two pilots.

Just before 8:00pm on September 10th a limousine carrying the eight passengers arrived at the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport. The passengers were greeted by their pilots and some keepsake photos were taken.Read More...

Presidential Express Air Cargo

10/26/2011 - On Wednesday October 26th, an unnamed company found itself in need of a specialized product to fix a piece of machinery. This specialized product was located in Toronto and the machinery is located in Montreal. There was no time to ship the product by ground as even a 6 hour delivery time to Montreal could have been catastrophic for the company should this piece of machinery stop working. There had to be another solution, and there was… Read More...

To Kapuskasing ~ Charter Vs. Commercial

The world of charter airplane travel may seem unapproachable and only for the rich and famous. While many of our customers are in that category, we mostly love that the service we provide suits the demands of savvy travellers and those people for whom time and convenience is a premium.

It was then that one of our special clients from Barrie needed to attend an impromptu meeting in Kapuskasing just the other day. It was an urgent meeting that he could in no way postpone. And, besides, he needed to be back at Barrie the very same night after the meeting. Read More...