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To Kapuskasing ~ Charter Vs. Commercial

The world of charter airplane travel may seem unapproachable and only for the rich and famous. While many of our customers are in that category, we mostly love that the service we provide suits the demands of savvy travellers and those people for whom time and convenience is a premium.

It was then that one of our special clients from Barrie needed to attend an impromptu meeting in Kapuskasing just the other day. It was an urgent meeting that he could in no way postpone. And, besides, he needed to be back at Barrie the very same night after the meeting.

Initially he toyed with the idea of going by a commercial flight; but then it soon dawned on him that all the time and money spent and the hassles endured would not in any case allow him to attend the meeting.

The fact was that there was just no direct flight from Barrie to Kapuskasing and he would have to take a circuitous route to reach Kapuskasing. From Barrie he would first have to drive to Toronto and from Toronto catch a flight to Timmins. From Timmins it was another 2 hour drive to reach Kapuskasing and it would be past midnight by the time he reached there. He was sure that he would not be able to attend the all important business meeting.

He would have to stay overnight in one of the hotels and return back the next day – neither would he be able to attend the meeting nor return the same day. It would just be a pure waste of time and resources- he reasoned.

He soon realized that with Presidential Air charter flights, he could go direct to Kapuskasing from Barrie, attend the meeting and return the same day – all at an attractive $999 an hour.

With Presidential Air the chartered plane lands at Kapuskasing and a cab takes the customer off to his all important business meet. Later he heads back and is in touch with Presidential Air to inform that his dinner is going a little ahead of plan, and soon Presidential Air is ready to head back before the scheduled time!

The frequent flier that he is, he has made his intentions loud and clear- his only mode of travel for such important meetings in future is going to be chartered flights from Presidential Air.

The flexibility that Presidential Air offers has revolutionized his day he tells us. Now he gets dropped off plane-side at the terminal for private aircraft. There's a gate we give our passengers directions to, which allows for special entrance. Then they jump onboard and help themselves to a beverage, and we take off. Flying time is about the same but having peace and quiet, and not having to deal with the crowds and issues of the commercial terminal, are a nice respite.

The rate for a last-minute ticket with the fixed times and associated issues would run about $1600+ Canadian and with this service it can be approximately $3996 (for up to 8 people).

Whether we take you to your destination or not, we wish you safe and fabulous adventures! Stay tuned for our next posting that talks about our youngest client!

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