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Presidential Express Air Cargo

10/26/2011 - On Wednesday October 26th, an unnamed company found itself in need of a specialized product to fix a piece of machinery. This specialized product was located in Toronto and the machinery is located in Montreal. There was no time to ship the product by ground as even a 6 hour delivery time to Montreal could have been catastrophic for the company should this piece of machinery stop working. There had to be another solution, and there was….

The 24/7 monitored line at Presidential Air rang and was answered by one of the Charter Coordinators. She was advised of the urgency required to have a small 1lb package picked up in Toronto and flown to Montreal. The Charter Coordinator was able to confirm the flight for Toronto to Montreal and guarantee the package arrival in Montreal within 2h15m.

The Presidential Air crew was returning to base from completing a previous flight. The aircraft touched down at Lake Simcoe Regional and the Charter Coordinator had already prepared all the details required for this emergency cargo shipment. The crew was back up in the air and on their way to retrieve the package and deliver it to Montreal.

The package arrived in Montreal at the exact time the Charter Coordinator had estimated. The specialized product was delivered and the company was able to repair their machinery.

At Presidential Air, we provide same day, overnight and rush freight delivery services. Now you can have your cargo shipped within hours to pick up locations across Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

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