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How to Charter a Plane

Private aircraft charter essentially means that you are renting the aircraft as a whole with all available seats, whether you have the cabin to yourself or sharing it with 7 of your friends or colleagues. The cost associated with aircraft charter is dependent on the itinerary of the trip.

In our present day there is no faster, more convenient, hassle free and enjoyable mode of reaching your destination than through a chartered aircraft.

But before going in to the modalities of “how to charter an aircraft” let us for a moment pause to think on what made this private air charter flights so universally appealing. When compared to scheduled aviation, charter flights stand out for their efficiency, privacy and flexibility. Aircraft charter puts you in control of your schedule: you have a fleet of aircraft at your disposal.

Private Air Charters- Why Go For it

Travellers in line at the airport Relaxed woman on charter jet

In a private charter you won’t have to put up with long security lines, arrive hours before the flight, sit with people you have never seen in your life, spend precious time checking-in, tagging and finally sit around several airports waiting for the next leg of your flight. Private charters offer a very casual ambiance as you are travelling with your friends, colleagues or family and enjoy the food and beverage of your choice. You fly where you want, when you want and with whom you want; the food and beverages to your liking.

Executive Air Charters

Executive boardign a plane

Executive air charters have also of late taken in a big way in Canada with companies increasingly realizing the immense benefit of providing their executives with quick, pleasurable air travel. These VIP charters are used by company executives for urgent field inspections or client meetings where time consideration is paramount and every wasted moment is a lost opportunity.

Chartering a plane then isn't as difficult or problematic as it sounds; however a few caveats need to be
taken note of:

Aircraft Charter – Things to Consider

Jet in a blue sky
  • Your Destination
  • Number of People in the group
  • Type of aircraft most suitable
  • Cost advantages – Hourly Rates Charged by different companies
  • Minimum Rates
  • Find out the airport nearest to your destination
  • Is Onboard Guest Relation Officers Available
  • Period of Advance Notice
  • Confirm safety records of Charter Company
  • Is 24/7 service available

After you have considered all the above aspects you need to zero in on the private charter company that would best suit your travel plans. If you are headquartered in Toronto and have your factories located anywhere in Ontario then Presidential Air would be your ideal choice. Here are the reasons why:

Chartering a Plane in Canada – Why Choose Presidential Air Inc

Charter Jet
  • Affordable Charter Rates- Only $ 999 Per Hour- Competitor Rates: $ 2000- 3000 Per Hr
  • Pricing by the hour – not by # of Passengers
  • Charter Service provided at a moment's notice
  • VIP Charters, Business Charters, Cargo Charters & Special Event Charters Provided
  • Northern Ontario- Well Served- Ideal for Mining & Other Industries
  • Fly to Airports not Served by other Charter Companies
  • Customized Catering
  • No Airport Line Ups
  • Onboard Guest Relations Officer if Needed
  • 24/7 Flight Booking & Concierge Services
  • Relax in Lounge Before & After Flight
Executive boardign a plane