Aircraft Management

Presidential Air provides full turn-key flight operations. This enables you to gain an "instant flight department" that incorporates all of the disciplines required to operate your aircraft. Also, by choosing us to manage your aircraft, you gain access to significant operating efficiencies and discounts for goods and services that greatly offsets the ownership fees.

Presidential Air management program shields you from all the hassles that can be associated with owning and operating an aircraft, including maintenance and operational compliances with the Canadian Air Regulations (CARs) and legally structured tariffs approved by Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA).

Presidential Air management program includes the following services:

Safety Management System establishment

Presidential Air's main focus is on safety, therefore a transport Canada Approved Safety Management System (SMS) will be implemented to ensure the highest level of safety. This helps to identify safety risks before they become problems.

Flight Crew management and scheduling Services

Presidential Air shall have 2 professionally trained pilots for every flight. Pilots undergo recurrent training annually. Also, Presidential Air's proper management of pilot's duty time and rest period will guarantee you the availability of 2 pilots for your aircraft 24/7.

Maintenance Management

All the maintenance will be conducted by a Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) up to the commercial operating standards to assure the highest level of maintenance standards.

24/7 Dispatch and Flight Tracking Services

Our 24/7 flight booking department is available to you with just a phone call. We work at your schedule.

Aircraft Storage and Hangar

Presidential Air manages Hangar 1 at Lake Simcoe Regional Airport and is pleased to offer 8000' of heated hangar space to assure your peace of mind while not flying.

Investment Opportunity

Many aircraft owners choose to offer their aircraft for charter through a certified Air operator or the management company. This not only generates revenue to offset the ownership costs, but also can generate a return on investment to justify its expense. Presidential Air has the necessary infrastructure in place to support charter operations and to get your aircraft into productive use quickly, typically 60 days. Generally chartering your aircraft may generate some sizable contribution to your cost of ownership and operation.

Frequently asked questions:

1. When should an individual or corporation consider buying an aircraft?

Buying an aircraft comes with other fixed costs (Insurance, Pilots, Hangar, Maintenance, etc). Therefore buying an aircraft should only be considered if is to be flown more than 150 hours a year. If 150 hours a year is not going to be achieved, then other forms of transportation such as Fractional Ownership, Shared Ownership or Aircraft charter with an operator would be a better option.

2. What criteria should determine the most suitable aircraft for you?

Presidential Air will establish a mission profile by looking at the requirements. Considering the average distance to be flown, frequency of the trips, average number of passengers and taking into place the cabin preference and analyzing budget, is crucial in the process of decision making on what category of aircraft to purchase. Some aircraft choices will be limited to the range, some to the number of passengers, some to the cabin size and will not have stand up cabin or enclosed lavatory. We will assist you to choose the most suitable type of aircraft suitable to your mission profile.

3. What are the advantages of a corporately owned aircraft?

Time saving: Corporately owned aircraft reduces the total travel time by enabling you to land at smaller airports closer to your destination. Also, the productivity of conducting a business meeting in a private aircraft is one of the attractions that Corporations find desirable.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Private conversations on a private aircraft are essentially confidential due to the cabin configuration. Also, Corporations can control all aspects of the operations including the visibility of its employees on sensitive missions.

Flexibility: You will not need to alter your schedule according to Commercial Airlines, and you will have the freedom to change your destination Enroute, depart and arrive at your own schedule.

Corporate Development: Your Corporate Aircraft can facilitate the executives to be able to quickly visit the remote company sites and employees. In result this will accelerate teamwork and training.

Marketing Benefits: An aircraft could potentially further your sales opportunities and pay for itself, as it could quickly bring customers to the point of sale.

4. Should I hire a personal pilot or do I need to engage a management company?

Generally to operate a transport category Aircraft; you will need to locate and hire a Chief Pilot, Director of Maintenance, and you'd have to set up a flight department which is a much more complex task than most people realize. Flying the plane is the easy part. You should set in place operational standards governing the flight department. Also, a method to maintaining the aircraft must be established that might require you to hire full maintenance staff.

In addition you may need to develop a business interface to deal with all aircraft related bills and tax implications. This whole process might take as long as a year. However, a Transport Canada Approved Air Operator will have the entire infrastructure that is necessary in place to get your aircraft into productive use as quickly as 15-60 days. Contrasting this with the process of starting from scratch to obtain your own Operating Certification, it is much more time and cost effective. Also, by securing the services of a management company, you will have significant operating efficiencies and discounts on Insurance. It also takes all the ownership hassles such as Annual Pilot Training, Hangar Fees, Maintenance Management and Etc. away from you.

5. How much Pilot Training is needed?

There is no "one size fits all" when it is comes to the matter of pilot training, In accordance to the Insurance provider and Transport Canada requirements, Presidential Air will set the Pilot Qualifications requirements for the selected aircraft. This might vary depending on the aircraft type, category, and the pilot experience.

6. What about shared ownership with others?

Shared ownership, whereby two or more owners jointly share the acquisition and ownership costs of the aircraft is very common. This is also a great method of sharing the fixed costs of ownership; such as Pilot Salaries, Hangar fees, Insurance and etc. You will still have access to your very own aircraft almost anytime. Such arrangement can be professionally set up and managed by Presidential Air. Also, should one of the owners be flying the aircraft on any specific date, you can use the backup aircraft provided by Presidential Air at a reduced cost.

7. Is it prestigious to own an aircraft when dealing with a large client?

In today's market place, prestige is a matter of individual's circumstances in each unique situation. There is saying that says: if an aircraft can further your opportunities, it pays for itself. However beside the flexibility and freedom you gain from the ownership, it is a great prestige and selling point of view to many clients.

8. Can I have My Name or Company logo on my Aircraft?

Absolutely, to have your name or company logo on your aircraft is a great method of promoting you achievements and instilling confident in your clients. It is a sign of a stable and trustworthy Company to own an asset such as an Aircraft.

9. Ok, I'm ready to buy an aircraft and I would like to know what's the first step?

Presidential Air is proud to offer Aircraft Acquisition services as well. The first step is to set up a complimentary consultation session to create you mission profile and choose the right aircraft type depending on your requirements. Once we have determined the most suitable aircraft type, we will locate and send our experienced team of engineers to perform a pre-purchase inspection on the selected aircraft. From selection to purchase, import, and operations, we can help you in all aspect of the sale.

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